WordPress 4.1 and Accessibility

This week 4.1 “Dinah” was released. A lot of attention was given by the developers to improve the accessibility of the front-end, the Admin and the default theme Twenty Fifteen.

What has improved

Twenty Fifteen is the most accessible default theme up to now:

  • The colour contrast complies with WCAG 2.0 AA;
  • The main menu, including the responsive hamburger menu, is fully keyboard and screen reader accessible;
  • ARIA roles and landmarks are added;
  • The heading structure is semantic;
  • Accessible “Continue reading” links;
  • Alt texts of the thumbnails are meaningful.

Front-end improvement:

  • Improved post/paging navigation template tags.

For the Admin work has been done for:

  • The colour contrast;
  • The Add Media panel;
  • The Customizer.

A big thanks to all the developers and testers, who worked hard to get this done. And hopefully will continue to do so for WP 4.2.


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